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Yeah But... Who Are You?

I'm Kevin Rogers

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned after almost two decades working in the freelance trenches, it’s this.

No matter who you are, or how you got started - we all face the same challenges and distractions on the road from 9-5er with a dream….to booked-out freelancer…to CEO selling your own products. 

How do I know? Because - during my years as an in-demand freelancer - I hit all the entrepreneurial landmines! And they’re the exact same landmines I see thwarting freelancers’ ambitions day in and day out. 

But here’s my most important discovery. 

If you build your career with open-eyed intention…and if you follow a crystal-clear freelancer’s roadmap - that’s when you’ll find yourself on a fast-track to success. 

Which is why I created the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap. 

It’s here to help talented creative freelancers take their business to the next level…without having to guess their way to victory (like I did). 

What is the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap?

The Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap is a powerful tool I use with all my private coaching students. 

It shows freelancers at every level how to sidestep the most common progress-blocking pitfalls - which can quickly kill their momentum, and keep them stuck in a freelancing rut. 

After taking the Freelancer’s Journey Assessment, my students are able to confidently and smoothly advance their careers - with less drama…more clarity…and - mostly importantly - a battle-tested game plan that lets them:

• Earn more money…without burning out…
• Set the right career trajectory - to fit their personal circumstances and ideal lifestyle… 
• Build unstoppable momentum towards their goals…no matter how big or small their entrepreneurial aspirations...

Looking back on my career, I would have killed for a tool like the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap to keep me on track with GPS level accuracy (instead of winging it and hoping for the best).

Which is why I’m giving you access to my proprietary coaching tool - for FREE…

…so you can “Phase Forward” with confidence to the next stage - and beyond - in the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap. 

Here's How it Works

Step 1

Take 2 minutes to answer the questions 

Identify where your business is now, across 7 core areas of freelancer success.

And determine where you want your business to go.

Step 2

Get instant results

Discover which Phase you’re in on the Freelancer’s Journey Roadmap.

And what it means for your career.

Step 3

Receive a FREE custom Freelancer’s Journey Report and video training

Get a detailed breakdown of the common obstacles and distractions in your Phase.

Plus actionable steps to build momentum towards 
the next Phase.
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