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Accelerator gives you accountability, expert guidance, and personal coaching tailored to fit your individual situation and unique challenges.
It’s a step-by-step training program on how to kickstart your freelance career, attract quality clients, and confidently deliver great work.

At the end of the program you’ll have the skills you need to confidently launch and grow a successful and sustainable freelance copy business.

All with seasoned freelance copywriters answering your questions, giving you feedback on your work, and holding you accountable while walking you through this proven system step-by-step.

It’s designed to take you from Phase 3 - Phase 4 of The Freelancer’s Journey.

The program helps you build authority in your industry and ‘set the standard’ to legitimize your freelance business while avoiding burnout. 

You’ll learn how to escape the “feast or famine” mode and get high-quality clients coming to YOU instead of constantly chasing new leads.  

At the end of the program, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to design your work around your lifestyle, become a recognized authority in your niche, and attract high-quality clients who pay what you're worth.

In this 6-part program,master email copywriter Chris Orzechowski breaks down his “secret playbook” behind how he runs his $500,000+ /year email copywriting business, and made him one of the most in-demand copywriters in the industry.

In ECA, Chris will walk you through:
  • His process for researching markets 90% quicker… so his students could learn EXACTLY what they needed to put in their emails to convert well
  • ​ALL of his formulas and structures for writing high converting emails FAST. (These formulas helped some of his students cut their email writing time from over 2 hours to less than 20 minutes)
  • ​His process for campaign mapping… so all of the emails they wrote made sense in a sequence… and so the campaign flowed properly and so they weren’t leaving sales on the table
  • ​How to write more effective broadcast emails using interesting hooks and stories. His secret method for crafting high converting autoresponders
  • ​His exact 12-email launch formula that’s responsible for 7 figure launches he’s done
  • ​Dozens of tips and tricks he uses in his own writing to make the emails they wrote addicting… so their client’s customers would fall in love with their copy
  • ​His bread and butter strategies he uses in his copywriting business (to this day) to become inundated with copywriting clients
  • ​His exact sales call closing script that he’s used to close over $500,000 worth of client work in his career. (Some of them followed this to a T and were able to double their project fees as a result… because they FINALLY knew how to run a client call properly…
  • ​And so much more

What other freelancers are saying about their roadmap... 

scott mckinstry testimonial photo
Nick Yates
"By the end of next week, I've hit my initial goal of 5-figures... Pretty amazing."
scott mckinstry testimonial photo
Michele DeLima
"I hit my $5k /month income goal so quickly, and now am working with my dream clients. I'm getting faster, and it's such a huge relief to know I'll have a steady paycheck that covers all my monthly expenses. This really is an invaluable opportunity to work with a top company, an amazing leader, and an incredible copywriting mentor."
kev kaye testimonial photo
Samantha Musgrave
I applied using EVERYTHING you taught me. I am 100% living my dream case scenario right now. You guys have changed my life.. 
On these calls we’ll dig deep into your questions and personal situation to help you deal with the specific challenges you’re facing at any given moment in your journey. 

Need guidance on how to price your new offer? 
Having trouble with scope creep on a particular project? 
Need help defining a new proposal? 
Want some practice before jumping on that next sales call to close the deal? 

We’ll walk through these individual challenges together on these monthly group mastermind calls with Kevin Rogers and his Accelerator Co-Coach Rachel Mazza. 

You can also sign up for the “hot seat” sessions each call where the entire group lends you their collective brain to solve your biggest problems. 

You’ll get all the help you need DAILY in the private Accelerator forum, and can jump on a live call each week to ask questions, bounce ideas off your coach, get a quick “pep talk” when you’re dealing with head trash, and more. 
This dashboard makes it easy to track your progress as you develop your skills like:
  • The 4x6 Copywriting method
  • Copy skills like how to write winning emails, advertorials, and facebook ads
  • The Question Authority Research Method
  • ​And many more
You can walk through all of the trainings at your own pace. If you need guidance, simply follow one of our suggested learning paths to level up your skills quickly. 

PLUS - you’ll get an ‘all access’ pass to everything new we’re continuing to create that’s designed to bring you all the way through The Freelancer’s Journey to Phase 7.
Ask questions about your freelance business, get unlimited feedback on your work, and keep your finger on the pulse of ‘what’s working now’ from successful copywriters who are ‘in the trenches’ testing this stuff every single day. 

PLUS - you’ll have access to our job boards where great clients are looking for copywriters at all levels every single day. 

You’ll also be able to join our weekly Chief Chat calls, track and share your journey in your weekly progress journey, join regular copywriting challenges and workshops to practice your skills, and more!
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